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If you found this page, you clearly are looking for a bigger dog. The Mastiff  can grow between 150-250 pounds and is considered one of the largest breeds. They are extremely friendly dogs, but their size can often get in the way and make them a danger around smaller animals. Their gentle side will make them a great family dog, but don't expect to have one in an apartment for too long as they will quickly grow to be too large. The Mastiff is definetly built for someone who has a country home or very large back yard.

The puppy is fairly easy to train, but once again it is hard to stop them when they want to chase something. They are one of the more popular breeds in the U.S as they make great guard dogs as well as companions. Take a look at severl Mastiff puppies below and get a better idea of what you're in for. The make wonderful pets so don't be afriad to get one.