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Maltipoo Puppies

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Maltipoo Puppies
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Maltipoo Puppies
Maltipoo Puppy Picture
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This breed is a cross between the Malteese and the Poodle. Unfortunately there aren't set standards as it's hard to gain consistancy will every little. These cute little puppies have the best of both worlds as far as characteristics. Their intelligence also makes them one of the smartest breeds and their fun loving nature makes them one of the best family animals. Be sure your positive about getting this dog as although they usually come out hypoallergenic, it's not always the case.

The maltipoo puppy is one of the easier dogs to train. They love to show affection and loyalty so picking up simple commands is second nature to them. We do recommend you socialize them early and often as they do like to bark at things they don't understand. With their playful side, they will show signs of a puppy well into their adult years.

Appearance wise, they can come in wide range of types. One thing is for sure in that they will be a smaller breed. What isn't for sure is there color, temperament, health risks, and engery. These typically come from their parents so be sure to consult with the maltipoo breeder first. Below are several pictures of this beautiful dog. In this case you won't find many cuter.