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Leonberger Puppy

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Leonberger Puppy
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Leonberger Puppy
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This isn't one of the more common breeds of dog, but the puppy has started to make it's self more known over the past several years. As people talk, they realize the Leonberger is best known for its docile temperament around other humans and animals. They are great family dogs for their docile demeaner, independance, and submissive behavoirs to people. They known right away who the alpha male is and thus can be trained easily.

It's important to socialize the Leonberger puppy with other they are playful in nature. They are very intelligent and will enjoy spending time with other animals for mental stimulatoin. As far as shedding, get ready to brush them constantly as they are shedding machine.s. With their undercoat, using the ferminator is best and very effective. Check out several images of the Leonberger Puppy below. For as little as most people know about this dog, they can be one of the best household pets and a great starting dog for most.